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Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers

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Sydney City Crime have a real passion for Criminal Law and have devoted their legal career to the area. Given the experience and training of our Criminal Lawyers, we are able to offer efficient and effective service when dealing with police and criminal court proceedings.

We cover all of Sydney but as our name suggests we focus on the city courts or the inner ring surrounding the city. Our home patch is the Downing Centre, Central Local Court, Sydney District Court, and Queens Square Supreme Court. We have lawyers there every day facing the same judges and magistrates you will be dealing with. We know how these courts tick.

The following areas of Criminal Law we handle including:

  • Criminal Court Appeals
  • Diversion into drug rehabilitation
  • Civil actions against the police for false imprisonment
  • Assault
  • Malicious prosecutions
  • Traffic offences
  • Drug charges

It is important to get competent Criminal Law advice from our experienced Criminal Lawyers very early in any situation in which you are faced with a criminal charge or the prospect of any charge.

You may contact us on 0419 124 124 to speak to one of our highly experienced criminal lawyers today. We can offer you preliminary advice over the phone and can arrange for a free initial consultation by filling out our consultation form.

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