Drug Defence Lawyers

Our Drug Defence Lawyers are experts in all drug related cases. We are able to appear at all Local and District courts in Sydney. Take advantage of our no obligation case review and request for a conference call with us.

Sydney Drug Defence Lawyers

If you are facing drug charges, it is highly recommended to get our experts on your side.

Sydney City Crime is no strangers to crimes that involve drugs. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you with your drug-related matter. Whether or not it involves possession, supply, or drive vehicle with illicit drug present in blood, one of our senior criminal defense lawyers will assist you.

If you face any kind of drug charge in NSW from importation to mere possession the decks are stacked against you. After 20 years of shock jocks and politicians wanting to seem tough on drugs many of our assumed rights have been stripped away. It’s harder to get bail. It is harder to run a defence. It is harder to be presumed innocent and the penalties can be extreme. A good lawyer is needed more than ever when facing any level of drug offence in NSW.

Types of drug charges we cover:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Supply
  • Drug Driving
  • Drug Cultivation
  • Drug Manufacture
  • Drug Premises
  • Drug Importation
  • Border Controlled Drugs
  • Federal Drug Offences
  • Drug Charges

If you have been charged with any drug-related offenses, call Sydney City Crime on 0419 124 124 to speak to one of our highly experienced criminal lawyers today. We can offer you preliminary advice over the phone and can arrange for a free initial consultation by filling out our consultation form

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