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Our Patch

Sydney City Crime covers all of Sydney but as our name suggests we focus on the city courts or the inner ring surrounding the city. Our home patch is the Downing Centre, Central Local Court, Sydney District Court and the Supreme Court of NSW. We have lawyers there every day facing the same judges and magistrates you will be dealing with. We know how these courts tick.

Get A Lawyer Fast

When you call Sydney City Crime you won’t get a secretary making an appointment sometime next week. You’ll speak with the Practice Manager or a senior lawyer straight up ready to discuss your matter.

We don’t charge to talk. We don’t charge for the first meetings. You’ll be matched with the best lawyer for your offence and the best lawyer for the courtroom you are facing.

Joseph Harb


Joseph Harb Principal lawyer - Sydney City Crime

Joe Harb is one of Sydney’s most renowned drug lawyers. A criminal lawyer for more than 10 years Joe has secured multiple acquittals in major drug importations, commercial supply matters and drug possession charges in the local courts.

His practice includes complex crimes such as Murder, Fraud and Proceeds of Crime before the NSW Crime Commission. Joseph appears regularly in the Supreme Court seeking to overturn convictions or reduce sentences.

Mark Davis

Defence Lawyer

Mark Davis Defence Lawyer

Mark Davis is a principal at Xenophon Davis but runs his criminal matters through Sydney City Crime. His particular expertise is in Commonwealth offences: drug imports, foreign fighter offences and high risk offender orders.

David McBride

Defence Lawyer

David McBride Defence lawyer - Sydney City Crime

David McBride has been a lawyer in private practice and in the military for 20 years. He was a Major in Australia’s Special Forces until he blew the whistle on war crimes and other behaviours.

He well knows the pressure that people facing criminal charges are under and is a steady hand at guiding clients through NSW court processes.

Nic Christian

Practice Manager

Nic Christian Practice Manager - Sydney City Crime

Nic runs the practice and the day to day management of your file. He will know your case intimately and will be involved at all stages of trials and hearings.

What We Do

Some of the best work a lawyer will ever do won’t be in a courtroom, it will be in challenging facts and evidence before court and negotiating for the withdrawal or downgrading of charges. That task is one of the hallmarks of our practice. Investigations and written representations to police and prosecutors are a major and very successful part of our work.

Our practice covers all criminal offences and all courts:

  • Contested hearings
  • Sentences
  • Bail applications

We also have particular experience in:

  • Criminal Court Appeals
  • Commonwealth offences including drug importation and terror charges
  • Diversion into drug rehabilitation
  • Civil actions against the police for false imprisonment, assault and malicious prosecutions.

And yes, we will do serious traffic offences and of course every politician’s favourite crime….. DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS. If you face any kind of drug charge in NSW from importation to mere possession the decks are stacked. After 20 years of shock jocks and politicians wanting to seem tough on drugs many of our assumed rights have been stripped away. It’s harder to get bail. It is harder to run a defence. It is harder to be presumed innocent and the penalties can be extreme. A good lawyer is needed more than ever when facing any level of drug offence in NSW.

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So many law firms advertise that you can call them 24 hours. Are they insane? Do they ever sleep? Or are you just getting a generic answering service? We won’t take your call at midnight but you can call us any night up until 9 or 10. Office: 02 8815 8150 or Mobile: 0419 124 124


We’ll tell you straight up what we think your matter will cost. Shop around if you like. No offence taken. We think you’ll come back. We generally don’t do legal aid but we are happy to stretch out payments if times are tough. Talk to us.

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